Flügger Digitalization Department

About Us

Flügger Digitalization Department was born in 2021 with the mission to take Flügger on a digitalization journey. Our goal is to enhance the overall experience for our clients and colleagues, by modernizing webshops, implementing AI tools, and leveraging data to drive insights from production to delivery.


  1. Flügger Acquires Malgodt.dk

    An exciting milestone in Flügger's journey to become digital by acquiring Malgodt.dk, setting the stage for a digital transformation.

  2. Digitalization Department Formed

    A major leap forward as Flügger forms its Digitalization Department in Copenhagen, marking the beginning of a digital revolution!

  3. Launch of Flügger.dk

    The long-awaited launch of Flügger.dk brings modernization, end2end fulfillment, a new business model, and an exceptional customer-first approach to selling paint.

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  4. Color Universe 2.0 Unveiled

    A fresh start to the new year with the launch of Color Universe 2.0, a modern platform for all color data catering to both colleagues and clients.

  5. Flügger.pl Launches in Poland

    Overcoming challenges to prepare for one of our largest markets, Flügger proudly launches Flügger.pl in Poland, both digitally and with warehouse expansion.

  6. Flügger.se and Flügger.no Launch in Sweden and Norway

    Building on previous successes, Flügger launches Flügger.se in Sweden and Flügger.no in Norway, making the expansion into neighboring markets a seamless experience.